Who is Minyala  ?

I’m a 27 years old half Frenchie half German that moved to London for her career and improve the chance develop her artistic side to a full time job.

I’m a drawer, painter, actress, model, hobby dancer and under-shower singer (my flatmates would relate). 

Based in Zürich since July 2020 I’m always looking to improve my competencies by additional training. 


What’s my experience ?

  • 8 years experience as actress, playing on stage mainly and recently also on movie sets,
  • 5 years of modelling.
  • worked with more than 80 photographers (with some of them twice or more )
  • Built a portfolio that is showing variety and my abilities to switch characters
  • Self stylist and MUA for 90% of the shots 

 What’s my goal ? 

Mainly I’m doing this by pure PASSION. If it could develop to a full-time job that would be really amazing. I’d dream to work on different projects that are inspiring me, to meet artists and share experience, passion, skills. Get involved and be part of creation. Bring added value thanks to my proper skills to bring an Idea to -life-. As a painter would use his brushes, I’d use my emotions and my body language to involve the character you are expecting me to perform.

What makes me “special “?

I’d not say I’m better than another models, just appropriated to different type of projects. Nevertheless, if I’d have to mention 1 special skill I have, is that I’m a chameleon – truly-Depending on the photographer, the set, the light, the location and outfit, you wouldn’t recognize me.

Plum lips, bright brown eyes, marqued eyebrows, squarish jaw, long and thick auburn hair, I’m a basic model, that you can adapt for most purposes. 

What are my conditions ?

Photography :

I’m doing a big selection on the photographers I do TFP with. It needs to be, in my opinion, really something special and great for my portfolio, something I’ve never done, emotionally strong or a great atmosphere for example. Please if you come up with a basic shooting don’t expect me to involve my time for free. TFP is collaboration where both sides can gain something from it. I’m looking for people that inspires me, from whom I love the artistic side and I could go out of my comfort zone.  
My aim is to be creative, be the artist I am, use other ways to create fancy stuff.

Tests shoots are always very welcomed though!

Fees can be discussed for inquiries, depending on the location, makeup and stylism involved and the type of shooting. Hourly rate. 

I’m travelling worldwide if you cover the costs. 

Feel free to send me an email for more info and I’ll give you the full price range./contract/procedure

Film :

Very keen to play for short films, unpaid films to support or bigger projects in London, Paris and all Europe if you help me on the travel costs.

To close this (short) presentation of myself, feel free to contact me for any question, inquiry, I’d be pleased to get back to you asap !

You can also find me on Instagram : @minyala_ or on Facebook : Minyala